About Us


 JSK Unitechnology Inc. located in Capital region of Canada, is a high-tech company combined research, manufacturing, sourcing consulting, and sales. JSK has experience in technical research and marketing operation, focusing on the module and components of optical fiber communication and optical fiber sensing system. JSK has a group of pioneer optical and electrical experts, multi-disciplinary R&D engineers and scientists, and other technical specialists. Our products are widely used for telecommunication, optical fiber sensing system, industries, research institutions, and other various fields.

Main business scope includes:

1. Optical fiber communications using EDFA, Raman, SOA and other fiber amplifier equipment and modules.

2. Optical fiber sensor using ASE, ultra narrow linewidth laser, DTS light source, while providing high sensitivity APD and PIN detector module. 

3. Optical components, such as splitter, Lens, etc.

4. Integrated data acquisition module with low power consumption

In addition, JSK provides a wide variety of technical support for your projects and offers one stop supply chain consulting service from our global sourcing system. Our dedicated staff is committed to meeting your expectations of excellence in the delivery of timely, high quality, and compatible and economic products and solutions to all your design objectives.

Our core values: Share knowledge, deliver exceptional service, create values, be environmental responsible  

Vision: To be the most successful and respected high technology company in the world 

Mission: Partner actively with our customers to provide innovative and sustainable technical solution to help them with our innovative approaches.