Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS)


Integrated Optical-electronic Test and Measurement System by Modules

 Signal Processing (12 function modules)
 Signal Source (11 function modules)
 Control and Interface (8 function modules)
 Diode Laser Source (visible to IR)
 Fiber Optical Power Meter and wavelength meter.

Technical advantage:

  • Ultra low noise in 1/f and white noise for micro-signal measurement.
  • In-fireld APC/ACC switchable laser source and laser driver for R&D
  • Precision laser current limit control (in module level) 
  • Intelligent technical team from project management to product design.

Product advantage:

  • Complete product series from module, bench-top to entire system
  • Major component supply chain from sister’s company
  • lower product price with high performance design
  • Protected design and difficult to cope since high performance design  

Target Application:

  • Tunable Diode-laser Absorption Spectroscope for Trace-Gas measurement. (Direct  absorption spectrum because of our low 1/f noise driver current)
  • Micro-signal measurement from Optic-electronic sensor.
  • Physics research experiment and optic-electronic product development 
  • Other test with low noise requirement.

Target market:

  • Environment monitoring, Trace-Gas measurement, LiDR, Medical instrument
  • EML modulator driver for 100G fiber communication
  • High performance optic-electronic product research, design, design verification and production test