DWDM network solutions

There are a number of CWDM lines in existing lines, With the expansion of the network, Metropolitan area network commonly used solutions are 10 billion DWDM systems. But the original CWDM lines generally run an important business data, It’s a very important topic How to don't interrupt the business under the condition of smooth current CWDM line upgrading to 10 billion DWDM line. Beogold had proposed a stable and reliable for the customer, and already have been applied in the actual circuit. 

Specific line scheme as shown in the figure below, between the three cities had been using CWDM network mode, a total of eight 2.5G business channels, a total of 20G business flow. According to the traditional way, If you need to upgrade to the DWDM network mode, need to disconnect all existing business and replace all of the equipment. And our scheme is Using CWDM 1551 channels to join fourth 10 billion band of DWDW, add DWDM and points of the line, DCF,EDFA which Can successful upgrade a channel to 40G. And in the process of line escalation, will not affect the business operation of the other seven bands, achieve the goal of smooth upgrade. 

We can provide DWDM line solutions and has a senior design team, guidance commissioner, combined with the production company of EDFA products, jsk can provide flexible, fast and reliable optical network solutions. 

I-FOG solutions

The company has FOG core component production design capacity,has a unique solution in the field of high precision FOG, Company developmentof ASE source can achieve wavelength stability is better than that of 20 PPM(temperature - 45 ~ 75 ℃) performance. At the same time, the company has thewhole solution ability in FOG, and have the corresponding solutions in research and development,manufacturing, testing. 

Distributed stress sensor solutions

The company hasthe ability of distributed strain sensor solutions, Company has its coreproduct: ultra-narrow line-width light source, pulse amplifier and other Independent development products, the line width ofUltra-narrow source can achieve within 3 KHZ, more than 50mw power. Pulseamplifier has small volume, low noise, low power consumption, etc, which commonlyused in the distributed strain sensor system.